Severe weather comes in a variety of forms and can hit your home at any time, especially in Seattle, where storms arise inevitably often and out of nowhere. This is why it’s extremely important to know how to protect your home’s glass from damage during severe weather conditions. We have outlined everything you need to know to keep your glass doors and windows safe from damage here at Pro-Wide glass. If you have already experienced glass damage, reach out to us for all of your glass door and window replacement needs.

High-Impact Glass

If your home features glass in areas susceptible to damage in the case of severe weather, high-impact glass offers a great way to protect both your glass windows and doors without affecting your home’s curb appeal or aesthetically-pleasing design. High-impact glass features a plastic film that is wedged between two sheets of durable tempered glass. This glass allows your windows and doors to withstand the elements much like a windshield — cracking in a spider-web pattern when hit by hail or other objects instead of completely shattering. They also can serve as a great burglar deterrent.

Storm Windows and Doors

This type of glass window and door protection involves installing a second window or door overtop of the existing one to take the beating from severe storms. This is a viable option for those homeowners on a tighter budget that cannot afford full window replacement or door replacement with high-impact glass.

Made of a polycarbonate plastic or tempered glass, storm windows and doors provide great impact resistance during severe weather along with resistance to wind so your glass is not blown out of its frame. Many variants of storm windows can provide year-round benefits from reduced airflow for saving on heating and cooling bills to added security from intruders.

Storm Shutters

While these are more common in hurricane-prone areas of the country, they can be beneficial in storm-prone areas like Seattle too. Storm shutters are permanent installations on the outside of your home and come as accordion or roll-down shutters. They are a great option for emergency scenarios as they are easy to deploy last minute when a major storm is approaching your home. Storm shutters are usually perforated or made of a translucent material to permit natural light to still enter the home. We recommend finding storm shutters made of aluminum-wrapped foam or reinforced fabric.

If All Else Fails, Come to Pro-Wide Glass For Your Glass Replacement Needs.

Even your best efforts at protecting your glass may fall short when it comes to surviving the most extreme of weather conditions. If your home’s glass windows or doors have fallen victim to the elements, or anything for that matter, Pro-Wide Glass is here to provide homeowners of Seattle with fast and effective glass door and window replacement. Our glass repair and replacement experts provide you with expert service and advice to get your home back to pristine condition.

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